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What does it mean to trust God?

Revelation 4:11You are worthy, O Lord our God, to receive glory and honor and power. For you created everything . . .

Psalm 33:21In him our hearts rejoice, for we are trusting in his holy name.

Trusting God means recognizing that God is worthy of your trust and then giving him control of your life.

Ephesians 3:17And I pray that Christ will be more and more at home in your hearts as you trust in him. May your roots go down deep into the soil of God’s marvelous love.

Psalm 31:14But I am trusting you, O Lord, saying, “You are my God!”

Hebrews 3:14For if we are faithful to the end, trusting God just as firmly as when we first believed, we will share in all that belongs to Christ.

Isaiah 26:4Trust in the Lord always, for the Lord God is the eternal Rock.

Psalm 31:5I entrust my spirit into your hand. Rescue me, Lord, for you are a faithful God.

2 Timothy 1:12And that is why I am suffering here in prison. But I am not ashamed of it, for I know the one in whom I trust, and I am sure that he is able to guard what I have entrusted to him until the day of his return.

Trusting God is an ongoing process based on a personal relationship with him.

Genesis 6:5-22Make a boat . . . I am about to cover the earth with a flood . . . Noah did everything exactly as God had commanded him.

Trusting God means obeying his commands even when you don’t fully understand why.

Romans 3:22We are made right in God’s sight when we trust in Jesus Christ to take away our sins. And we all can be saved in this same way, no matter who we are or what we have done.

John 3:36And all who believe in God’s Son have eternal life. Those who don’t obey the Son will never experience eternal life, but the wrath of God remains upon them.”

Trusting God means depending on Jesus Christ alone for salvation.

Galatians 2:16Yet we know that a person is made right with God by faith in Jesus Christ, not by obeying the law. And we have believed in Christ Jesus, so that we might be made right with God because of our faith in Christ, not because we have obeyed the law. For no one will ever be made right with God by obeying the law.”

For no one will ever be saved by obeying the law.

Trusting Jesus for salvation means ceasing to trust in your own efforts to be righteous.

Luke 1:38Mary responded, “I am the Lord’s servant, and I am willing to accept whatever he wants. May everything you have said come true.” And then the angel left.

Psalm 28:7The Lord is my strength, my shield from every danger. I trust in him with all my heart. He helps me, and my heart is filled with joy. I burst out in songs of thanksgiving.

Proverbs 3:5-7Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will direct your paths. Don’t be impressed with your own wisdom. Instead, fear the Lord and turn your back on evil.

Trusting God is acknowledging that he knows what is best and surrendering to his plan.

1 Peter 1:8You love him even though you have never seen him. Though you do not see him, you trust him; and even now you are happy with a glorious, inexpressible joy.

Trusting God requires faith.

Daniel 2:20-21Praise the name of God forever and ever, for he has all wisdom and power. He controls the course of world events; he removes kings and sets up other kings.

Psalm 62:8O my people, trust in him at all times. Pour out your heart to him, for God is our refuge.

Psalm 143:8Let me hear of your unfailing love to me in the morning, for I am trusting you. Show me where to walk, for I have come to you in prayer.

Trusting God means you believe he has everything under control.

1 Peter 2:23He did not retaliate when he was insulted. When he suffered, he did not threaten to get even. He left his case in the hands of God, who always judges fairly.

Trusting God is believing and thus acting as though God is our protection, our ultimate defender and fair judge.

Psalm 112:1happy are those who delight in doing what he commands.

We can trust God enough to obey because his Word is true and will bring happiness.

Leviticus 19:4Do not put your trust in idols or make gods of metal for yourselves. I, the Lord, am your God.

1 Timothy 6:17Tell those who are rich in this world not to be proud and not to trust in their money, which will soon be gone. But their trust should be in the living God, who richly gives us all we need for our enjoyment.

Trusting God is exclusive and supreme to trusting in anyone or anything else; for example one cannot trust in God and in idols.

1 Peter 1:8Though you do not see him, you trust him; and even now you are happy . . .

Trusting God means being confident in him even though you can’t see him.