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What more could I have done to cultivate a rich harvest?

The Bible often uses metaphors of trees and vines to paint a picture of how people should be useful and productive. This means in part that just as the natural world is designed for optimal functioning so you have been designed by God to accomplish certain things well. As God’s follower you are to live a life that bears the healthy fruit of righteousness, justice, kindness, love, and truth—all important and productive means of growing God’s Kingdom on earth. These good deeds served to others will leave a wonderful taste in their mouths for God and his way of living.

Luke 6:43-45A tree is identified by the kind of fruit it produces . . . A good person produces good deeds from a good heart . . .

Just like an apple can look good on the outside but be full of worms, so the fruit God desires in you is not the external appearance of goodness but the internal authenticity of a heart that truly wants to love and serve him. False pretenses or pretending to be spiritual shows a rotten core which cannot be productive. A good heart is the key to producing good deeds.