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When do we grieve?

Ruth 1:9Then she kissed them good-bye, and they all broke down and wept.

Nehemiah 2:2-3So the king asked me, “Why are you looking so sad?” . . . I replied, “. . . The city where my ancestors are buried is in ruins, and the gates have been destroyed by fire.”

We grieve when we see loved ones hurt or in great need.

John 11:35Then Jesus wept.

Acts 9:39The room was filled with widows who were weeping.

We grieve over the death of a loved one.

James 4:9Let there be tears for what you have done. Let there be sorrow and deep grief. Let there be sadness instead of laughter, and gloom instead of joy.

2 Corinthians 7:10For the kind of sorrow God wants us to experience leads us away from sin and results in salvation.

We should genuinely grieve for our sins and beg God to remove them. Until Christ has cleansed us of those sins, we nurture them, and they continue to lurk within us. Confession and forgiveness will cleanse sin and wipe away the tears that unconfessed sin brought.

Luke 13:34“O Jerusalem, Jerusalem . . . ! How often I have wanted to gather your children together as a hen protects her chicks.”

We should grieve over lost souls.