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How can I encourage others?

Ezra 5:1-2Haggai and Zechariah son of Iddo prophesied to the Jews in Judah and Jerusalem. They prophesied in the name of the God of Israel who was over them. Zerubbabel . . . responded by starting again to rebuild the Temple.

Sometimes encouragement involves getting a person involved once again in productive work.

Acts 11:23[Barnabas] encouraged the believers to stay true to the Lord.

Barnabas is known as the “great encourager” in the Bible. Barnabas’s encouragement of John Mark helped him become a great leader in the church. Encouragement is more than hollow praise; it is urging others to hold fast to the principles of faith.

Philemon 1:11Now he is very useful to both of us.

Showing trust in a person is a great source of encouragement to him or her.

Philippians 1:6And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished.

Encouragement is affirming others and the work they are doing for God.

Joshua 24:13“I gave you land you had not worked on, and I gave you towns you did not build.”

Encouragement can come from reviewing God’s past blessings.

Job 29:24“When they were discouraged, I smiled at them. My look of approval was precious to them.”

Sometimes just a smile is a great encouragement.