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How can my words be beautiful?

Proverbs 15:26The Lord detests evil plans, but he delights in pure words.

Both our internal thinking and our external expressions are accessible to God. He sees ugliness when our intentions are wicked, but he loves to hear words that proceed from a clean heart.

Proverbs 25:11Timely advice is lovely, like golden apples in a silver basket.

Wisdom supplied when it is needed is a beautiful thing; it is neither useless insight nor assistance arriving too late to be helpful. Ask God to supply you with wisdom in your words and in your timing when you speak to others.

Luke 6:45A good person produces good things from the treasury of a good heart, and an evil person produces evil things from the treasury of an evil heart. What you say flows from what is in your heart.

The contents of our thought lives, good or bad, are revealed in what we say and how we say it. When our words get us in trouble, the problem can usually be traced back to what we were thinking. It is crucial to invite God's Spirit and God’s Word into our internal conversations, expecting his guidance and correction to generate beauty (see Matthew 12:34-35).

Psalm 19:14May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing to you, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer.

The kind of humility that produces beauty in thought and word begins with appointing the Lord as editor of both. The trust in God and refusal to be self-reliant described here and in Proverbs 3:5-6 fosters a life in which and through which God accomplishes beautiful things.