Creator, Father, King

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Who is God and what is he like? Can God be loving and just? Are Jesus and God different?

In this 365-day devotional, teens will journey through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and get to know the extent of God's character and love through practical life lessons and relevant topics.

Creator, Father, King encourages teens to experience God more fully and grow deeper in their relationship with him.

Creator, Father, King is a One Year devotional written to help teens learn more about God and see His love, His perfect character, and His eternal plan of redemption to reconcile lost sinners to Himself. Josh Cooley uses verses from all 66 books of the Bible to show how God can be found throughout Scripture.

Each of the 365 devotions includes a “what does it mean” section, a “now what” section, and a “did you know” section. It gives practical ideas for spiritual growth, additional perspectives and background for each devotion, and a summary of how each devotion describes God.

Publisher: Tyndale

Price: $7.99
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