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Context changes everything. You’ve heard many Bible stories hundreds of times, but how many behind-the-scenes details are you missing? Sometimes a little context is all you need to discover the rich meaning behind the stories of Scripture.

That’s what the NIV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible provides. Every page is packed with expert insight into the customs, culture, and literature of Bible times. These fascinating explanations will serve to clarify your study of the Scriptures, reinforcing your confidence and bringing difficult passages of Scripture into sharp focus.

Discover new dimensions of insight to even the most familiar Bible passages as you take a behind-the-scenes tour into the ancient world.

The Bible was originally written to an ancient people removed from us by thousands of years and thousands of miles. The Scriptures include subtle culturally based nuances, undertones, and references to ancient events, literature and customs that were intuitively understood by those who first heard the Scriptures read. For us to hear the Scriptures as they did, we need a window into their world.

The NIV Cultural Backgrounds Bible, with notes from Dr. John H. Walton (Wheaton College) in the Old Testament and Dr. Craig S. Keener (Asbury Theological Seminary) in the New Testament, brings to life the ancient world of Scripture for modern readers.

- The full text of the NIV
- Targeted book introductions explaining the context in which each book of the Bible was written
- Insightful and informative verse-by-verse study notes revealing new dimensions of insight to even the most familiar passages
- Key Old Testament (Hebrew) and New Testament terms explained and expanded upon in two helpful reference features
- Over 300 in-depth articles on key contextual topics
- 375 full-color photos, illustrations, and images from around the world
- Dozens of charts, maps, and diagrams in vivid color

Publisher: Zondervan

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