Why You Are Never Really Stuck - Bible Reading Plan

Why You Are Never Really Stuck image

God loves making a way for his people who are stuck in dilemmas. This 7-day reading plan offers encouraging biblical stories, and a prayer for those whose hope has run out. God sees you and is ready to help in ways you cannot imagine.

Day 1: God Works Best in the Impossible

Psalm 40:1-17

Day 2: Jehoshaphat's Impossible Situation

2 Chronicles 20:1-24

2 Chronicles 20:27

Day 3: Daniel's Impossible Situation

Daniel 6:2-23

Day 4: Shadrach, Meshack, and Abednego's Impossible Situation

Daniel 3:1

Daniel 3:8-28

Day 5: Jesus Does the Impossible

Mark 14:13-21

John 2:1-12

Day 6: If your situation feels impossible to get out of

Matthew 19:16-26

Matthew 17:20

Isaiah 41:10

Day 7: A prayer for when you run out of options and no longer have hope

Psalm 77:1-20