The Ministry of Jesus Through the Eyes of Mark - Bible Reading Plan

The Ministry of Jesus Through the Eyes of Mark image

If Jesus is the center of the Christian faith, then it is critical to read about his life often. This plan walks the reader through the book of Mark in seven days. Whether this is your first time reading about Jesus or you have heard these stories hundreds of times, God wants to show you something about himself through the life of His Son.

Day 1: Jesus' ministry begins

Mark 1:1-45

Mark 2:1-28

Mark 3:1-35

Day 2: Parables and Miracles

Mark 4:1-41

Mark 5:1-43

Mark 6:1-13

Day 3: Jesus' ministry grows and so does the political tension

Mark 6:14-56

Mark 7:1-37

Mark 8:1-21

Day 4: Jesus fortells his death and resurrection

Mark 8:22-38

Mark 9:1-50

Mark 10:1-12

Day 5: Jesus' ministry continues to Jerusalem

Mark 10:13-52

Mark 11:1-33

Mark 12:1-17

Day 6: The greatest commandment and the greatest betrayal

Mark 12:18-44

Mark 13:1-37

Mark 14:1-30

Day 7: Jesus' crucifixion, resurrection, and great commission

Mark 14:31-72

Mark 15:1-47

Mark 16:1-20