The Message 100 - Bible Reading Plan

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This Bible Reading plan from The Message 100 is the whole Bible-every single, moving word of it-laid out in 100 readings and arranged to chronologically reflect the unfolding story. Move through it at your own pace, and discover how God may be moving right there on the page, right here in your life.

Day 1: First, God

Day 2: Flesh and Blood People

Day 3: People Like Us in God's Plan

Day 4: Slowly, then Suddenly

Day 5: Why Me, God?

Day 6: So-Called Friends So-Called Answers

Day 7: Waiting for Vindication

Day 8: God Speaks, Replacing Answers with Awe

Day 9: God Working Salvation

Day 10: Out of the Mess. Into Salvation

Day 11: Into a Life of Freedom

Day 12: An Antidote to God-Fantasies

Day 13: Signposts of Good News

Day 14: Becoming a Community

Day 15: Seeing Beneath the Surface

Day 16: Seeing with 20/20 Vision

Day 17: Looking Behind, Looking Ahead

Day 18: In This Present Moment

Day 19: A Holy Urgency

Day 20: A Strong and Courageous Life

Day 21: Embracing, Not Escaping, Life

Day 22: God Works with What We Give Him

Day 23: The Forgotten King

Day 24: Every Last One of Us

Day 25: A Place in His Story

Day 26: Wilderness Training

Day 27: God Embraces Us, Sin and All

Day 28: Our God-Inhabited Loose Ends

Day 29: Choosing Wisely

Day 30: Reverberating Actions

Day 31: Secure in God's Sovereignty

Day 32: Partnering with God

Day 33: Keeping Religion Honest

Day 34: Loved at Our Worst

Day 35: Plunged into God's Presence

Day 36: Hearing Isaiah's Salvation Symphony

Day 37: Words that Make God Present

Day 38: Neglecting Death and Embracing God

Day 39: Authentic, Firsthand Living

Day 40: A Present Filled with Hope

Day 41: Among Us As One Who Serves

Day 42: Better Than They Asked For

Day 43: God, Others, Me: Interconnected

Day 44: 'God, You Don't Seem to Make Sense!'

Day 45: Words that Match Real Life

Day 46: Desperately Clinging to God

Day 47: Making it Through

Day 48: Separated from Home

Day 49: Friends, Foes, and Faith

Day 50: Uncertain Endings, Sure Faith

Day 51: Giving Voice to Suffering

Obadiah 1:1-21

Day 52: Ezekiel-Envisioning the Invisible

Day 53: Embracing God in the Worst of Times

Day 54: Finding New Life Beyond Despair

Day 55: Can These Bones Live?

Day 56: Keeping it All Together

Day 57: A Hope Rooted in History

Day 58: A People Formed for Worship

Day 59: Worship Makes Us God's People

Day 60: A Dangerous Holiness

Day 61: Rediscovered Revelation

Day 62: Restored from Rubble

Day 63: Rebuilt Worship, Restored Identity

Day 64: Reminders of God

Day 65: Holy, Ordinary Work

Day 66: God amid Disaster and Distraction

Day 67: Heavenly Living Here and Now

Day 68: Truth-Tipped Arrows, Aimed at the Heart

Day 69: The Most Practical Thing We Can Do

Day 70: A Thousand Ways that Don't Work

Day 71: Colors of Love

Day 72: Raw, Honest Prayers

Day 73: Prayer Outside the Categories

Day 74: Prayer Outbursts

Day 75: Canteens of Prayer

Day 76: The Way Out of Self-Pity

Day 77: Seeds and Shoots of Blessing

Day 78: Feasting on God's Word

Day 79: The Fitting End of Prayer

Day 80: An Arrival and a Culmination

Day 81: Nothing Held Back

Day 82: God Comes to You

Day 83: The Good News, in a Hurry!

Day 84: The Way of the Crown Is the Way of the Cross

Day 85: With God, We Are Not Outsiders

Day 86: We Do Not Weep Alone

Day 87: The Story of Jesus Doesn't End with Jesus

Day 88: The Outward-Going Gospel

Day 89: God-Sent

Day 90: Belief and Behavior Put Right

Day 91: Godliness in Process

Day 92: Leading by Getting Out of the Way

Day 93: What is God Up To?

Day 94: Resetting the Bone of Belief and Behavior

Philemon 1:1-25

Day 95: Leading from Second Place

Day 96: Naming Our Sickness and Freeing Our Faith

Jude 1:1-25

Day 97: Creation's New Word: Salvation

Day 98: Walking on the Jesus Way

Day 99: Learning to Love

2 John 1:1-13

3 John 1:1-14

Day 100: Defiant Worship