Study Together: Messy Relationships in the Bible - Bible Reading Plan

Study Together: Messy Relationships in the Bibleimage

If you think your marriage is messy, just wait until you read the stories in this 7-day Bible reading plan. From cover to cover, God's Word is full of flawed relationships. Why is this? Perhaps there is a lesson for us to learn behind every story. Work through this devotional with your spouse and reflect on how these stories relate to your own marriage. Tap on any verse and use the “explore” feature to further your study of Scripture. And remember, if God can bring good from these messy relationships, he surely can do the same for yours, too.

Day 1: Stop Sin Before it Snowballs

2 Samuel 11:1-27

Day 2: Deceit Breaks a Family Apart

Genesis 27:1-45

Day 3: Choose to Follow God Together

Judges 16:4-30

Day 4: Your Sin Always Impacts Your Spouse

Genesis 3:1-24

Day 5: Support Each Other in Grief

Job 1:1-2

Job 2:1-10

Day 6: God Cares for Messy Families Too

Genesis 16:1-16

Genesis 21:1-21

Day 7: Jesus Always Offers a Fresh Start

John 4:1-32