Strange Stories of the Bible: Explained - Bible Reading Plan

Strange Stories of the Bible: Explainedimage

Have you ever read a story in the Bible that seemed... a little strange? Every story in God's Word is purposefully trying to communicate something to the reader. Once we discover the author's intention and read it in light of its literary and historical context, it brings the passage to life. Thankfully, Life Bible has an easy way to do this well. Tap any passage in the Bible section and a toolbar will appear at the bottom. Tap the "Explain" button to see a list of reputable commentaries that explain the passage further. This reading plan is meant to get you comfortable using the "Explain" feature to dig deeper in Scripture. Read several of these resources to gain clarity on these strange stories in the Bible.

Day 1: Sons of God And Daughters of Women

Genesis 6:1-6

Day 2: 200 Foreskins

1 Samuel 18:17-27

Day 3: God Tries to Kill Moses

Exodus 4:19-26

Day 4: Noah has too Much to Drink

Genesis 9:20-27

Day 5: Jesus Calls a Woman a Dog

Matthew 15:21-28

Day 6: Jesus Curses the Fig Tree

Matthew 21:18-22

Day 7: A Cemetary Comes Alive

Matthew 27:45-56