Seeing Jesus in the Psalms - Bible Reading Plan

Seeing Jesus in the Psalms image

Jesus quoted the Psalms more than any other Old Testament book. He taught from them, referred to them, took solace in them, prayed them and fulfilled their prophesy. Each day from this week-long Bible reading plan will reflect on one Psalm that Jesus carried in his heart on the way to the cross.

Day 1: Jesus Refers to Psalm 78:24

John 6:22-35

Day 2: Jesus Recites Psalm 35:19

John 15:18-27

Day 3: Jesus Teaches From Psalm 8:2

Matthew 21:12-17

Day 4: Jesus Proclaims Psalm 41:9

John 13:18-30

Day 5: Jesus Quotes Psalm 110:1

Matthew 26:57-68

Day 6: Jesus Cries Out Psalm 22:1

Matthew 27:45-56

Day 7: Jesus Finishes Life With Psalm 31:5

Luke 23:32-46