Read the Bible Together: Noah and the Ark - Bible Reading Plan

Read the Bible Together: Noah and the Ark image

Reading God's Word to our children impacts their hearts for all eternity. If you are looking for a place to start, begin this 4-day plan through the story of Noah and the Ark. Although this story highlights God's judgment, it also displays his redemption. End each reading with prayer and an invitation for your children's questions. If there are questions you don't have answers to, remember to click on the verse and use the explore feature for further study. May your children learn to love God's Word because of your time reading it together.

Day 1: A World Gone Wrong

Genesis 6:9-22

Day 2: The Rains Begin…

Genesis 7:1-16

Day 3: The Floodwaters Cover the Earth

Genesis 7:17-24

Genesis 8:1-12

Day 4: A Promise Made with a Rainbow

Genesis 8:13-18

Genesis 9:8-17