Read the Bible Together: Jesus Rises from the Dead - Bible Reading Plan

Read the Bible Together: Jesus Rises from the Dead image

Explaining the story of Jesus' crucifixion to our children can feel intimidating. As parents, we don't want to confuse or scare them. That's why this 7-day plan not only covers Jesus' death, but also his resurrection–for that is what the Christian faith is built upon. As you read this story to your children, assure them that God's big story has a happy and hopeful ending. Your children may have questions and that is okay! Sometimes an "I don't know" is the appropriate answer. Children can comprehend more than we realize. Therefore, never underestimate what truths will sink into their hearts. Trust that God will use this time to guide your children into a deeper love for Jesus.

Day 1: Jesus' Last Meal with his Best Friends

Matthew 26:20-35

Day 2: A Desperate Prayer in a Dark Garden

Matthew 26:36-46

Day 3: Arrested and Alone

Matthew 26:47-56

Day 4: Peter Betrays Jesus

Matthew 26:62-75

Day 5: Death on a Cross

Matthew 27:27-37

Matthew 27:45-54

Day 6: Buried in a Stone Tomb

Matthew 27:57-66

Day 7: Jesus Rises from the Dead!

Luke 20:1-19