Perseverance: The Story of Joseph - Bible Reading Plan

Perseverance: The Story of Joseph image

If there was anyone in the Bible who had to learn patience through the twists and turns of life, it was Joseph. Read this 10-day reading plan on the life of Joseph and see how God is always working behind the scenes. Discover the peace that comes when you patiently wait for his good plans to unfold in your life.

Day 1: Dreams and Betrayal

Genesis 37:1-36

Day 2: Accussed and Forgotten

Genesis 39:1-23

Genesis 40:1-23

Day 3: A Two-Year Wait

Genesis 41:1-36

Day 4: Joseph's New Job

Genesis 41:37-57

Day 5: A Surprising Reunion

Genesis 42:1-38

Day 6: A Journey Gone Wrong

Genesis 43:1-32

Day 7: The Reveal

Genesis 44:1-34

Genesis 45:1-15

Day 8: Together Again

Genesis 45:16-28

Genesis 46:1-34

Day 9: The Famine

Genesis 47:1-31

Day 10: God Intended it for Good

Genesis 49:29-33

Genesis 50:1-26