Parables of Jesus to Deepen Your Faith - Bible Reading Plan

Parables of Jesus to Deepen Your Faithimage

Jesus often taught using parables or stories to help his listeners understand spiritual truths. And these truths are clear to those who are willing to listen and desire to grow. If you desire to grow closer to Jesus, begin this 7-day plan on some of his transformative parables. Pray for an understanding of Jesus' intent behind these stories and apply them to your own life.

Day 1: Stay Connected to Christ

John 15:1-27

Day 2: Hear God's Word and Cling to It

Luke 8:4-18

Day 3: God Celebrates Our Return

Luke 15:11-32

Day 4: We Forgive Because We are Forgiven

Matthew 18:21-35

Day 5: Live with Eternity in Mind

Matthew 25:14-30

Day 6: Pray with Persistence

Luke 11:1-13

Day 7: Seek God Above All Else

Luke 12:13-31