OT Stories Everyone Should Know (Part 2) - Bible Reading Plan

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The Old Testament is full of incredible stories about the greatness and glory of God. This 10-day Bible reading plan is part 2 of Old Testament stories that everyone should know. Whether you are new to the Bible or have read these stories countless times, God always has something to teach us about himself through his Word. In less than five minutes a day, you will cover some of the most beloved Old Testament stories from God's Word.

Day 1: The Fall of Jericho

Joshua 5:13-15

Joshua 6:1-27

Day 2: Gideon Defeats the Midianites

Judges 6:33-40

Judges 7:1-25

Day 3: David and Goliath

1 Samuel 17:1-50

Day 4: David and Bathsheba

2 Samuel 11:1-27

Day 5: Solomon and the Wise Ruling

1 Kings 3:1-28

Day 6: Elijah and the Prophets of Baal

1 Kings 18:1-46

Day 7: Elisha and the Woman from Shunem

2 Kings 4:8-37

Day 8: The Fiery Furnace

Daniel 2:48-49

Daniel 3:1-30

Day 9: Daniel and the Lion's Den

Daniel 6:1-28

Day 10: Jonah and the Whale

Jonah 1:1-17

Jonah 2:1-10

Jonah 3:1-10

Jonah 4:1-11