Loving Those You Disagree With - Bible Reading Plan

Loving Those You Disagree With image

One of the hardest tasks God calls us to is to love those who think, act, vote, or spend differently than we do. Jesus' life provides many examples of what it looks like to love those whose lifestyle opposed his own. If you currently struggle to relate with someone who lives differently than you, begin this 5-day Bible reading plan today.

Day 1: Jesus Befriends Cheaters and “Sinners”

Mark 2:13-17

Luke 19:1-10

Day 2: Jesus Frees the Demon-Possessed

Mark 1:1-20

Day 3: Jesus Redeems the Scandalous

Luke 7:36-50

John 8:1-11

Day 4: Jesus Pursues the Morally Outcast

John 4:4-30

Day 5: Jesus Serves His Betrayer

John 13:1-15

Day 6: Jesus Prays for His Crucifiers

Luke 23:18-34