Lessons from Five Faithful Women of the Bible - Bible Reading Plan

Lessons from Five Faithful Women of the Bible image

The Bible has many stories about spiritually strong women. This 5-day Bible reading plan highlights five faithful women specifically from the Old Testament. Many of these women faced impossible situations but persevered with strength, patience, obedience, and faith. Over the next five days, take note of which woman most inspires you. Follow her example as you seek God's wisdom in whatever circumstances you currently face.

Day 1: Rahab – Hopeful of a Good God

Joshua 2:1-21

Joshua 6:12-22

Day 2: Deborah - Brave in Adversity

Judges 4:1-24

Judges 5:1-9

Day 3: Ruth – Loyal to Her People

Ruth 1:1-22

Ruth 2:1-12

Day 4: Hannah – Believer in Power of Prayer

1 Samuel 1:1-28

Day 5: Abigail – Committed to Wise Living

1 Samuel 25:2-35