Jesus' Heart for the Desperate - Bible Reading Plan

Jesus' Heart for the Desperate image

Have you ever felt a desperation so deep that you truly believed there was no way out? Desperation is a theme woven throughout the Gospels. There are countless stories of people coming to Jesus in desperate situations and his response to each of them is the same: with Jesus, anything is possible. Spend five days in Scripture and reflect on Jesus' heart for the desperate.

Day 1: There is no desperate condition He cannot deliver us from

Mark 5:21-43

Day 2: There is no dark power He cannot drive out

Mark 1:1-20

Day 3: There is no past He cannot redeem

John 1:1-11

Luke 7:36-48

Day 4: There is no place He won't go to reach someone

John 4:4-30

Day 5: There is no heart He can't lead back to faith

Mark 9:14-27