How Jesus Embraced Interruptions - Bible Reading Plan

How Jesus Embraced Interruptionsimage

How do you handle life's interruptions? Is your first response annoyance or patience? This Bible reading plan shows five kinds of interruptions Jesus often faced. As you read through the various disruptions in Jesus' life, reflect on whether you relate. Have your travel plans ever been interrupted? Or your work interrupted by children or people needing something from you? Ask God to give you patience to handle interruptions like Jesus.

Day 1: Interrupted Teachings

Luke 5:17-26

John 8:1-11

Day 2: Interrupted Travels

Luke 19:1-9

Luke 18:35-42

Mark 6:30-34

Day 3: Interrupted Work

Mark 5:21-43

Day 4: Interrupted by Children

Mark 10:13-16

Matthew 18:1-10

Day 5: Interrupted Rest

Mark 1:35

Mark 4:35-40

Mark 6:31-33

Luke 7:36-48