How Did the Church Begin? - Bible Reading Plan

How Did the Church Begin? image

One of the most beautiful stories in the Bible is how the very first church was formed. And the story begins with the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Take the next seven days to learn about how the church began and the events that caused it to spread all over the world. As you read, be encouraged by the early believers who were united in Christ and dedicated to living out his greatest command: “to love God and love others.” Perhaps God is inviting you into his church family to do the same.

Day 1: Jesus' Conviction

John 18:28-40

John 19:1-16

Day 2: Jesus' Death

John 19:17-42

Day 3: Jesus' Resurrection

John 20:1-30

Day 4: Jesus Ascends. The Church Begins.

Acts 1:6-26

Day 5: Pentecost (part 1)

Acts 2:1-28

Day 6: Pentecost (part 2)

Acts 2:29-47

Acts 4:32-37

Day 7: The Church Spreads

Acts 6:8-15

Acts 16:1-4

Acts 16:37-40

Acts 8:1-4