Don't Worry. God Always Provides. - Bible Reading Plan

Don't Worry. God Always Provides. image

Worrying doesn't make a problem go away or prepare us for future troubles. The only thing worrying does is consume us—our time, energy, faith, and trust in God. What worries weigh on your heart today? This 5-day reading plan is written to remind you that there is no need to worry because God promises to take care of you.

Day 1: Don't Worry About Everyday Life

Matthew 6:19-34

Day 2: Don't Worry About God Providing

Exodus 16:1-18

Day 3: Don't Worry About Big Needs

Matthew 14:13-21

John 2:1-12

Day 4: Don't Worry How it Will Work Out

1 Kings 17:1-7

2 Kings 4:1-7

2 Kings 4:38-44

Day 5: A Prayer to Trust in His Provision

Psalm 145:1-21

Psalm 136:23-26