A God Who Knows Grief - Bible Reading Plan

A God Who Knows Griefimage

Every person on earth will be touched by grief. Isn't it an amazing thought that Jesus willingly came to into our world, knowing that he, too, would experience the pain that comes with being human? The Gospels show Jesus grieving over loved ones and over the brokenness of the world. It also shows how he grieved with hope. Learn more about how Jesus' life was touched by deep sadness, what he did with his grief, and why he can be trusted with our own sorrows.

Day 1: Jesus was Acquainted with Deepest Grief

Isaiah 53:3-12

Day 2: Jesus Grieved with Friends

John 11:17-36

Day 3: Jesus Took Time to Grieve

Luke 1:26-36

Matthew 14:1-14

Day 4: Jesus Felt Unexpected Waves of Grief

Luke 19:28-44

Day 5: Jesus Prayed in Grief

Matthew 26:36-46