7 Things Jesus Has Promised You - Bible Reading Plan

7 Things Jesus Has Promised You image

Promises hold great power. When kept, they put our hearts at ease and give us assurance for the future. Jesus promised us many things and thankfully, he can be trusted to keep each and every promise. This Bible reading plan focuses on 7 promises from Jesus. As you read, remind yourself that these promises are for you specifically.

Day 1: You Are Valuable to God

Matthew 10:16-31

Day 2: He Will Take Care of You

Matthew 6:19-34

Day 3: Your Prayers Matter

Matthew 7:7-11

Matthew 6:5-13

Matthew 21:18-22

Day 4: He Blesses Your Generosity

Mark 10:17-30

Luke 6:38

Day 5: You Are Never Alone

John 14:15-27

Day 6: Eternal Life is Given When You Believe

John 3:16-17

John 6:35-50

Day 7: Jesus Has a Place For You in Heaven

John 14:1-7

Matthew 24:26-31