7 Life-Changing Lessons from Jesus - Bible Reading Plan

7 Life-Changing Lessons from Jesus image

Jesus didn't come to earth to offer some advice. He came to change the world. And the more you read about the life and teachings of Jesus, the more it will change you. If you are ready for God to give you a new heart and new way of thinking, this 7-day reading plan is for you. Learn a life-changing lesson each day straight from the mouth of Jesus.

Day 1: Love God. Love Others (Including Enemies!)

Luke 10:25-37

Luke 6:27-36

Matthew 7:12

Day 2: Don't Worry. Don't Be Afraid.

Matthew 6:19-34

Matthew 10:26-30

John 16:33

Day 3: Forgive Freely. Forgive Often.

Matthew 18:21-35

Matthew 5:38-48

Day 4: Pray Frequently. Pray With Faith.

Matthew 7:7-11

Matthew 6:5-13

Matthew 21:18-22

Day 5: Believe in Jesus. Build Your Faith.

John 3:16-21

Matthew 17:14-20

Luke 17:5-10

Day 6: Give Abundantly. Give Quietly.

Matthew 25:31-46

Mark 12:41-44

Matthew 6:1-4

Day 7: Change your Heart First. Your Actions Second.

Luke 11:37-54

Luke 6:43-45