5 Rules Jesus Broke for the Sake of Love - Bible Reading Plan

5 Rules Jesus Broke for the Sake of Love image

Jesus broke the rules created by religious leaders to make the point that people matter more than rules. This Bible reading plan goes through five rules Jesus broke in order to care and love those around him. Be encouraged that God doesn't demand perfection in your behavior; he desires an open heart, ready to receive his gracious correction and love.

Day 1: Jesus Worked on the Sabbath

Mark 1:21-28

Matthew 12:1-13

Day 2: Jesus Ministered to Women

John 4:4-30

Day 3: Jesus Forgave Sins

John 8:1-11

Luke 5:17-26

Day 4: Jesus Befriended the “Unclean”

Mark 2:13-22

Luke 7:36-48

Day 5: Jesus Redefined the Law of Moses

Mark 5:17-30

Mark 5:38-43