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A Prayer for the Death of a Pet

O God who sees

And holds our tears,

We give You our sadness

As we grieve the loss

Of our beloved companion.

We miss their presence

And how they knew

Just how to make us

Feel loved,

Just how to remind us

Of the love that connects us all.

We pray for our kids,

Who are hurting

As they try to understand

Life and death

And where You are in it all.

May we hold space for the big questions

That our little ones may have.

Give us answers and grant us grace

To know when to sit with them in the quiet.

And may we be a soft place

For their tears and their wonderings

To land.

We are sad, O God.

We wish we had one more day together.

We miss our pet’s presence

And the way they nestled into our hearts

Just so.

Guide us as our children

Look to us for notes on how to grieve,

And may we allow them to process

On their own timelines and in their own ways.

For the memories, we give thanks.

For the void our pet has left in our hearts,

We give thanks too.

Thank You for the memories made together,

For the ways pets become

Beloved members of our family,

And the way they’ll always be

Beloved parts of our family’s heart.

Philippians 4:6-7; Matthew 11:28-30

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