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Once You See the Weeds

If we claim we have no sin, we are only fooling ourselves and not living in the truth.   1 John 1:8

No Christian is ever totally free from sin in this life, and John makes it clear that the person who thinks his or her life is a weed-free garden is deceived.

John identifies some of the weeds that need to be pulled when he writes about physical cravings, cravings for things we see, and boasting (see 1 John 2:16). These weeds spread quickly, and their roots can go deep. If they’re allowed to continue growing, they will destroy our lives. People who have come into the light are able to identify sins more clearly so that they can intentionally uproot them.

Even though you have worked your garden for years, you must continue to pull weeds. This work never ends. Some weeds grow because a root remains planted. Others grow because a seed has blown in from outside. Weeds are a constant challenge, and if they are left, they will quickly take over the garden and choke the flowers.

Walking in fellowship with God doesn’t mean that everything in your life will be as it ought. It means you’re intentional about identifying the sins in your life and weeding them out. When we walk in the light, we begin to see sins that were previously hidden, and when we see them, we’re able to confess them to God.

Ray began to study the Bible for the first time. He didn’t cheat on his wife or on the government, so Ray couldn’t see how he was a sinner. Then one day Ray said to God, “Lord, if you say I’m a sinner, then I’m a sinner, and I want Jesus Christ as my Savior.” When he came to that point, it was as if his mind was opened, and he began to see his anger, pride, and envy for what they were.

If you feel you have no sins to confess, it may be that you’re walking in darkness and deceived about your spiritual condition. A person who can’t identify weeds won’t make much of a gardener. Once you see the weeds in your life, you will discover how much you need the Gardener.

For further reading, see Romans 3

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