Moved By Personality - The One Year Salt and Light Devotional

Moved by Personality

Romans 1:10-15

When we get together, I want to encourage you in your faith, but I also want to be encouraged by yours. (Romans 1:12)

PAUL WASN’T KNOWN FOR his encouragement, at least not in the same way Barnabas was. In fact, he could be quite direct and demanding at times. He was more focused on theological precision. But Paul did have an encouraging side, mainly because his theological focus emphasized the ultimate value of knowing Jesus. For that, he urged and encouraged the all-out pursuit of a personal relationship with Christ. And in light of how many young churches were persuaded by contrary doctrines and pushed off track, his need to encourage moved him often.

You will find that your gifts and calling somehow fit the personality God has given you—that he rarely calls introverts into highly extroverted ministries, for example, and rarely calls strong extroverts into deeply reflective endeavors (though there are exceptions on both counts). Those who like to see results are generally not called to a life of laying foundations for future generations, but those whose patience is unshakable often are. Some communication styles fit a shepherding heart particularly well, while others fit an evangelistic bent better. Some love to go deep into his Word day after day; others love to spread it far and wide. The issue is not which approach is right or wrong, or which personality is best suited to God’s purposes. They all fit in his Kingdom. The issue is how you are going to use yours to be salt and light in this world.

Understand your temperament, your degree of emotional volatility, your preference for making peace or provoking a controversial discussion, your preference for formality or just being casual, and so on. Know what kinds of situations will enhance your effectiveness in serving God. Don’t be afraid to go beyond them at times; he will stretch you and use you “out of place” at strategic moments. But much more often, he will guide you into your sweet spot of usefulness. Seek that place, and make the most of it. Whatever your personality, let it serve his purposes and glorify him well.

{Father, you have made me for a purpose—different from all others, but perfectly suited for service in your Kingdom. Help me find the niche that fits my personality. Lead me into my sweet spot and further into your plans. Amen.

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