Expressing Love - The One Year Love Language Minute Devotional

Expressing Love

Let love be your highest goal!

1 Corinthians 14:1

WOULD YOU LIKE to know your spouse’s love language? Then observe how he or she most often expresses love to you. Is it through words of affirmation? gifts? acts of service? quality time? or physical touch? The way a person expresses love to you is likely the way he or she wishes you would express your love.

If he often hugs and kisses you, his love language is probably physical touch. He wishes you would take initiative to hug and kiss him. If she is always weeding the flower beds, keeping the finances in order, or cleaning up the bathroom after you leave, then her love language is probably acts of service. She wishes that you would help her with the work around the house. If you don’t, then she feels unloved. One husband said, “If I had known that my taking out the garbage would make her feel loved and more responsive sexually, I would have started taking out the garbage years ago.” Too bad it took him so many years to learn his wife’s primary love language. As the Bible says, love should be our highest goal. To reach that goal, we need to put forth an effort to know how our spouse can best receive love.

Lord Jesus, help me to make love my highest goal—both in life and in my marriage. Please give me wisdom as I observe my spouse and try to figure out his or her love language. I want to love him or her well.

Love Languages

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