Hearing His Voice #21 - The One Year Hearing His Voice Devotional

Hearing His Voice #21

I hold you by your right hand—I, the LORD your God. And I say to you, “Don’t be afraid. I am here to help you.”

Isaiah 41:13


“There have been times when you don’t believe I’m here to help you. I’ve seemed inactive toward you, or I’ve disciplined you, or I’ve let you experience the needs and challenges that cause you to cry out for Me. You’ve even wondered if I’m opposing you or ignoring your pleas. But you need to understand that whatever situation you’re facing, whatever hardship you endure, it isn’t because I’m not on your side. Even when I allow difficulties, I’m working on your behalf. You need to grow in faith, wisdom, and love, and you can’t do that when you aren’t being stretched by situations that require faith, wisdom, and love.

“Notice in My Word how every crisis is an opportunity for people to experience Me and learn more of who I am. Your difficult situations set the stage for moments of revelation. I reveal who I am in the midst of your need for Me. You would never know Me as Healer, Deliverer, or Provider if you never needed healing, deliverance, or provision. And because your need to know Me is greater than your need to be immune from these challenges, I will allow you to be put in challenging situations.

“Still, My words to you are, ‘Don’t be afraid. I am here to help you.’ Time and circumstances will attempt to mock your belief in those words, but you must not let them. Cling to what you know to be true. Deep down, you know My heart—that My desire is for you, and My purposes always favor those who love Me. Never let go of those truths. However things appear, I am on your side. I want the very best for you, and I’m in the process of working it out.”

Lord, is this true? I can easily believe this for other people, but I wonder if it’s true for me. Let Your love for me—and Your presence and Your help—sink into my heart as unshakable realities. I choose to trust that You are holding me by Your powerful hand.

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