Who’s Watching Over You? - The One Year Devotions for Women

Who’s Watching Over You?

The LORD keeps watch over you as you come and go, both now and forever.

Psalm 121:8

I sometimes wonder if I’m spiritually hearing impaired. I wonder if God has to shout to get my attention or repeat things more times than he should have to so that I will finally get the message.

I remember hobbling into Dr. Shirley Kleiman’s office one day, nearly bent over with pain from a back that had been twisted out of shape by an ill-considered roller-coaster ride. Dr. Kleiman is one of the best physical therapists my back has ever encountered, and it’s tough to get an appointment with her. But I had prayed, and friends had prayed because I was heading out of town the next day on a business trip and didn’t think I could endure the plane ride without some help. “Somebody must be watching over you,” Dr. Kleiman commented as she walked into the room, acknowledging how hard it was to get a last-minute appointment.

The following week I made some repairs to the roof of my home. I’d postponed them as long as I dared, praying to make it through the winter without problems. That spring, one of the roofers who bid on the job had confirmed what I already knew. Portions of the roof were in a pretty sorry state. He couldn’t believe we had made it through the winter without a leak. “Somebody must be watching over you,” he said. Then a month later, after he and his men had completed the repairs and I was settling the bill, there it was again: “I can’t believe that roof didn’t give you trouble over the winter. Somebody must be looking out for you.” This time the words sank in. I had prayed, and God had helped. He was looking out for me and my family. He knew exactly what we needed, and he had provided.

I wonder how much more peaceful our lives would be if we could finally settle the question of God’s faithfulness. No matter what happens, whether life is hard or easy, each of us will enjoy more peace if we can learn to lean into the relationship we have with God our Father. He will watch over us, just as Psalm 121:8 promises. Today let us pray for the grace to trust in his watchful, loving care.

Father, thank you for watching over me, for hearing my prayers, and for preserving my life.

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