The Perk From Above - The One Year Devotional of Joy and Laughter

The Perk from Above

I will go to . . . God—the source of all my joy. I will praise you . . . , O God, my God!

Psalm 43:4

Several years ago I was driving down a rain-swept street in Long Beach, California, on an errand from my office. It was cold, the day was dreary, the sky was overcast, I couldn’t find the address I was seeking, and my spirit was out of sorts. I hadn’t wanted to leave the comfort of a warm office, but I had no choice. You know how it goes—the demands of duty.

As I was driving along, fretting about a problem that was sapping my emotional energy, I said to God, “Lord, would you please give me a perk? Some little something to lift my spirit? Doesn’t have to be big. Doesn’t have to be flashy. Just do something creative to cheer me up and to remind me that I’m glad I’m alive. I’d appreciate that very much.”

At that moment I turned the corner, looked to my left, and there in the cab of a pickup truck sat two clowns. They were fully decked out in clown regalia, complete with red woolen yarn hair, big bow ties, painted faces, and each holding a helium-filled balloon. As I looked at them, they simultaneously turned, looked at me, and flashed toothless grins from ear to ear.

What a unique answer to prayer! I absolutely loved it, and all alone in my car I yelled, “All right! Great perk, Lord. What an idea. How clever you are. Who would ever have thought of two clowns in a pickup?”

But we don’t have to wonder, do we? God gave us the gift of laughter, so he must enjoy a good giggle now and then too.

—Luci Swindoll

Father, thank you for the surprises and delights you put in my life. Without you life would be such a drag. I love you, Father. Amen.

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