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No Editing Needed

Read Proverbs 30

Do not add to [God’s] words, or he may rebuke you and expose you as a liar.

Proverbs 30:6

What does it mean to “add to God’s words”? Religious cults do it when they put other writings on a par with the Bible. Churches do it when they emphasize man-made traditions as much as or more than they do the teachings of Scripture. Individuals do it when they discard the clear pronouncements of the Word in favor of popular ideas or personal desires.

Today’s passage warns against any kind of “editing” of God’s Word. Because God delivered his revelation to the world without error, we do not need to tamper with Scripture. In fact, it is dangerous and foolish to attempt to add human speculation to divine revelation. Attempting to alter or amend the Word of God is, in effect, to question God’s wisdom, his goodness, or his judgment. And according to this passage, any such arrogance will lead to a divine rebuke and the humiliation of being exposed as one who has knowingly obscured the truth.


Take God’s Word straight.

Today, Lord, I want to treat your Word (and nothing else) as my ultimate authority and guide. Keep me from the great sin of adding to your words.

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