Day 5: Today & Tomorrow: The Great Commission - Real Life Resurrections

Day 5: Today & Tomorrow: The Great Commission

Easter is barely over before the big-box stores start marking down chocolate bunnies and slashing prices on jelly beans. But we don’t have to stop celebrating and living into the resurrection! In fact, Jesus calls us to go and do.

As tired parents who are often stretched thin, how do we live in this hope every day – and invite our kids along for the journey long after the plastic eggs and Easter baskets have been packed away?

Some Christian traditions celebrate Easter Monday, which honors what Jesus did and said after his mysterious and miraculous resurrection. The Great Commission is a biblical instruction given by Jesus Christ to his disciples after the resurrection. In light of God’s love and resurrection power, we are called to live in a way that shares our faith with others, embodying God’s compassionate and merciful love to all who cross our paths.

We often share our love of God with our actions rather than words. It’s cliche – but it’s true. We have to practice what we preach. Because of the resurrections we have experienced in our own lives, our families can embrace the call to invite others into the healing we’ve experienced by promoting peace, caring for our neighbors, and working for the flourishing of our communities.

We can be resurrection people every day – not just on Easter morning.

Consider creating holy habits that can overflow not only into your children’s lives, but into our larger communities as well:

  • Brainstorm something your family can do together as you celebrate God’s transformational love. Can you gather food for a local pantry? Pick up litter at the local park? Raise money for foster care with a lemonade stand?
  • The Great Commission tells us that God’s love is for everyone. Consider ways you can build authentic relationships with people from different backgrounds. Take inventory of the people you and your family have relationships with. How many look, think, and believe like you?
  • Reflect on how you share your faith with your children. What daily choices are you making that honor God in your home? How might you include more honest conversations about the joys and struggles of a faithful life with your children?

Easter is not just for yesterday. It’s for today – and many, many tomorrows.

Breath Prayer:

Inhale: Help me live in

Exhale: The good news

Scripture: Matthew 28:16-20; Romans 10:15


O Prince of Peace, we celebrate on

this day.

As we eat and gather around the table,

May we remember those who are lonely,

Those who have none to feast with

Or share their table with.

As we eat and gather around the table,

May we remember those who cannot


To fill their cupboards.

As we eat and gather around the table,

May we remember those whose lives

Have been marked by violence.

As we eat and gather around the table,

May we pray for all those who are


In sharing their faith.

As we go out into the world,

May our family live in a way

That proclaims the Good News—

Good news for the poor,

Good news that sets the captive free.

O God, the tomb could not hold You.

Fill our family with a love

That is shared between us

And freely given to everyone we meet.

The earth declares Your glory.

All of creation praises Your name.

And our hearts cry out, “Hallelujah!”

We praise You, O Lord,

As we throw off the sin and the shame of


Let us dance in the promise of the new


Of today and tomorrow and forevermore!

(To Light Their Way, 158)

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