Day 4: Love has the Final Say: Easter (Resurrection Sunday) - Real Life Resurrections

Day 4: Love has the Final Say: Easter (Resurrection Sunday)

My youngest son’s imagination is robust. Whenever he invites me to sit on the floor to play with his superhero action figures, he gives me a front-row seat into a childlike wonder. He gives his characters elaborate backstories. If a villain attacks, BOOM! The superhero doesn’t stay dead!

Easter Sunday is the crux of the Christian faith. On this day, we celebrate with deep joy, knowing that as dark as the nights were leading up to Easter morning, Jesus did not stay dead. With glad and sincere hearts, we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ – rejoicing that life has conquered death.

The reverberations of this miraculous truth echo into eternity.

Just as kids seem to have an innate sense of imagination, they also seem less resistant to the celebration than their grownup counterparts. Watch young children at a birthday party: You’ll likely see them squeal with delight, dance unashamedly, and giggle with contagious laughter. In light of the love that they feel, they seem to radiate a deep sense of joy.

In light of Jesus’ triumph over death, we can be like children, throwing off the weight that is not ours to carry, rejoicing in our belovedness. We can remember that even when we are most exhausted, we can hold onto the hope and promise of new life. We can exhale, receiving the newness of life, over and over again.

Much of the Christian faith is a mystery. We cannot explain our way into something that cannot be explained. To live as people of the resurrection means to embrace imagination – to acknowledge there is more to this life – and the next – than what we can fathom.

This Easter, consider how you might embrace a robust faith inspired by the faith of a child who inherently believes the audacious mystery of a death that conquers death, who rolls away the stone, and BOOM! – comes back to life.

In what ways might you also be inspired to celebrate and worship the way children do? How can you live in the hope that Love has the final say – today – and in the days to come? How might your parenting habits be resurrected in light of the love of Christ?

Breath Prayer:

Inhale: He is risen!

Exhale: He is risen indeed.

Scripture: Acts 10:34-43; 1 Corinthians 15:55-57; John 20:11-18; Luke 4:18


O resurrected, risen King,

We praise You on this Easter morning

With glad and grateful hearts,

Eager to shout Your glory.

Death could not hold You.

Sin could not destroy You.

For You are God

And worthy of every praise!

O Jesus, You continue to make a way

Where there is no way.

As we celebrate Your resurrection power,

We pray our children

Would sing and dance

In the promise that we are Easter people

And we have a living hope in You.

May our children

Bask in the truth

That You have conquered sin and death,

And may that living hope

Spill into all they do, all they meet,

all they are.

Lord, You know us by name,

And You do not forget us

Or forsake us.

May our children proclaim Your


And may they feel Your graciousness.

Shine upon their faces

Like the spring dawn breaking through.

In the empty tomb,

We are given life—

And life abundant!

All the jelly beans and dyed eggs,

Baskets and bunnies

Pale in comparison to You.

(To Light Their Way, 158)

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