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DEAR JESUS, my friend is very ill. Her sickness has persisted for some years now, each time returning with a new vengeance that ravages her body. Doctors blessed with knowledge and expertise have been attending her, yet the treatments have drained her nearly as much as the disease itself. It is very difficult for her friends and family to see her struggle. Many of us have prayed for her healing, yet day by day she seems no better.

You touched and healed many people while you lived on this earth—the blind, the crippled, and those troubled by demonic activity, among others. You even raised some people from the dead! Everywhere you went, you brought healing, life, and joy—affirming that everything is possible with you. And yet not everyone was healed. Some people did not cross your path, were not touched, and continued to suffer with their conditions.

For my friend, I pray for healing and hope, and most of all, for unwavering faith. Please assure her that even in the midst of difficult days, you have not abandoned her, and you are in control. Please, Jesus, show my friend your continuous love in special ways.

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Prayers for Every Occasion
By Ellen Banks Elwell

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