The Awesome Face Of God - David Jeremiah Morning and Evening Devotions

The Awesome Face Of God

Give unto the LORD the glory due His name; Worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness.

Psalm 29:2

As you meet with God in the light of morning, as your thoughts turn to Him in the adrenaline rush of the day, as you move into the silent sanctuary on the Lord’s Day, know that He takes His place upon the throne whenever you give Him your praise. Your bowed head, your humbled heart, and your attentive spirit open the door to heaven. It’s a door that swings both ways, for God comes to us no matter where we are.

The wonder of worship is the wonder of His very real presence. It’s music from another world, wonder that floods out all the darkness and the dust of death this life contains. We rediscover the innocence of children again as we praise and exalt God’s name, for He opens Himself to us. It’s the most awesome moment of life—more awesome than holding your first child in the delivery room, more awesome than meeting the person you’re destined to marry, more awesome than seeing the earth from the window of the space shuttle. You’ve seen something more beautiful: the face of God Himself.

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