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A prayer about Rejection

When I feel put down


Recently friends turned their backs on me, and I feel terrible. I don’t handle rejection very well. That includes an idea shot down, an application denied, a relationship broken, and other slights, real or imagined, big or small. Taking each rejection personally, I wonder what’s wrong with me. My self-image and confidence are taking a hit. I need to recall how you deal with me, Savior. You don’t reject me, but welcome me and pull me close. Although you don’t always approve of what I do, you accept me as I am, a person made in your image and a sinner saved by grace. Further, you love me and called me to be God’s very own child. You certainly know what I am experiencing because you were despised and rejected by the religious leaders of your day and the crowd, enduring their verbal insults and physical torture. You were abandoned by your closest friends, who ran for their lives. And you hung on the cross, alone, for me. Help me remember that I am yours, and that’s enough.

They will do all this to you because of me, for they have rejected the one who sent me. John 15:21

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