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A prayer about Faith

When I feel my trust slipping


I have been a Christ follower for many years, and I admit that I can take you and your work for granted. I was not always that way. Early in my relationship with you I was like a child—laughing, singing, playing, and taking Daddy’s hand and walking confidently and unafraid. I exulted in my new life—free, forgiven, faith filled, and fearless. But since then, I have grown a bit calloused, allowing my brain to rule my heart, and losing joy in the process. Faith means believing the facts about you, that you sent Jesus to die for me. Faith means trusting you fully, knowing that you love me, want the best for me, and will never lead me the wrong way. And faith means taking action, committing every step to you. I want to be a child again, Lord, not in age but in wonder, trusting fully in you. Pull me into your lap. Bless me and build my faith. Help me lean wholly on you, knowing without question that you are good and that you are mine.

I trust in your unfailing love. I will rejoice because you have rescued me. Psalm 13:5

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