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A Prayer for Pregnancy Loss

O Lord, our hearts are broken

At the loss of this life

And what could have been.

Let our tears be a prayer

As we cry out to You.

We don’t understand the loss of this pregnancy,

And we’re not sure we ever will.

O Jesus, You wept,

And we pray that You will wipe every tear.

Will You be with us

As we sit in silence

When the tears have run dry?

Lord, You are not afraid of our emotions,

And we give each one of ours to You.

Will You help us name what we’re feeling?

Will You comfort us when we feel alone?

Will You protect us from feelings of guilt or shame as we grieve?

O Helper, Comforter, Protector,

We come to You.

As we mourn, help us not lose hope.

As we grieve, help us hold tight to Your promises.

And when the time comes,

Will You help us heal?

Will You mend our hearts

And grow in us a sense of light in the darkness?

Lord, we ask for Your Spirit

To wrap us in a warm embrace.

Hold us tight in Your love,

And let us cling to Your goodness,

For You have not forgotten us,

And we are not alone.

Thank You for letting us come to You

With our tear-rimmed eyes and dripping noses,

With our shouting and our silent sorrow.

Will You ignite in us a spark

That one day our hearts

May be a place to kindle hope

And even joy again?

We pray all things in Your name,


Psalm 34:18; Psalm 56:8

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