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A Prayer for Job Loss

O God who provides for each day,

Help us trust You.

Help us be humble enough to

Accept help when we need a listening ear

Or a helping hand

Or the simple compassion of another.

And help us to be brave enough

To keep trusting

That You love us in our vulnerabilities

And You will provide for us in our need.

O God, we just want to provide for our kids,

To give them a family they can rely on,

A home with warm beds,

Full cupboards,

And room to be themselves.

But right now, we aren’t sure how

We’ll even pay the bills.

We want to give our kids

What they need

And sometimes even

What they want.

We know money doesn’t buy life,

But sometimes it provides comfort.

And now with this job loss,

We’re not sure what to do.

Where will we go from here?

What will we do? Who will we be?

Give us new hope to begin again.

Set us on a new journey

Full of hope over bitterness,

Imagination over cynicism.

God, help us know that our worth

Is more than a paycheck.

Help us trust You

With our family’s future

That was never ours to hold anyway.

The road ahead is filled with unknowns,

But we know You are good

And You love us.

May that be enough.

Psalm 130:5; John 16:33

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