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Honorable Choices

You have proudly defied the Lord of heaven . . . praising gods . . . that neither see nor hear nor know anything at all. But you have not honored the God who gives you the breath of life and controls your destiny! Daniel 5:23

King Belshazzar summoned Daniel, promising him royal robes and a position of great authority if he could interpret the strange sign. The king had been entertaining guests at an extravagant banquet when a handwritten message appeared on the wall. Daniel could have told the king what he wanted to hear, but he didn’t. He had the nerve to stand before this man who defined his worth by his power and wealth—as so many do today—and accuse him of not honoring God. He declared that God would give the kingdom to another power and take the life of the king. And that very night, it happened just as Daniel said.

Our world glamorizes luxury. Many people who live in luxury communities define their worth by the best that money can buy: houses, cars, clothes, exclusive memberships, and more. These things become the definition of success and the basis of self-esteem. And we can spend a lot of time pursuing them. Young girls feel as if they need to live up to the ideals they see on TV, and young boys believe that conquest—of goals or people—is what makes a man. But it’s never enough. The result is that we’re always running but never arriving.

But that isn’t reality, at least not as God defines it. He wants us to base our lives on Him, not on things that don’t last. We’re supposed to focus on honoring Him rather than on getting more, doing more, or achieving more. When we get to the end of our lives and look at what we have left—and what we have built into our children—we’ll find that keeping up with appearances leaves us empty, but serving the Lord is fulfilling. Values that are shaped by a desire to honor Him will always lead us to true success in His eyes.

Uncommon Key > God deserves to be honored. You can honor Him with your words, how you treat other people, how you spend your time and money. Live for the values that reflect Him.

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