Moved By Passion - The One Year Salt and Light Devotional

Moved by Passion

Romans 1:10-15

One of the things I always pray for is the opportunity, God willing, to come at last to see you. (Romans 1:10)

PAUL OFTEN CALLED HIMSELF a slave or bondservant of Christ, perhaps in reference to the chains and walls that sometimes held him captive, but more symbolically in reference to his complete devotion to his Master’s will. We aspire to such devotion, too, often asking the question a servant would ask: “Lord, what do you want me to do for you?” We want to be available to him and align ourselves with his will. But sometimes we find that his answer turns the question back to us: “What do you want to do for me?” He wants us to follow the dreams and desires he has put inside our hearts.

We don’t follow every whim, of course, or even every deep, long-term passion. Sometimes our desires are just ours. But when we’ve cultivated a relationship with God, been saturated in his Spirit, prayed about direction, and offered ourselves up to him, we may find passions growing within us that we suspect may not have originally been ours. That’s the nature of intimate relationships—hearts align. And when our hearts align with his, figuring out the origin of the desire isn’t important. We know it fits his purposes.

Spend time enjoying the presence of God, and let him shape your dreams and desires as he wills. Examine your passions. Notice what breaks your heart and inspires your hope. David longed to build a temple, and God said yes to the temple but no to the timing. Paul longed to visit Rome, and God said yes to the desire but arranged it in an unexpected way. Jesus went to the cross for the joy set before him—a desire—and went through excruciating pain to have it fulfilled. God-given desires are often the motor that moves us, even when obstacles get in the way. Follow those dreams he breathes on, and let him bring them into reality.

{Lord, you know my longings. You have given many of them to me yourself. Help me sort out which ones to follow and to fulfill them in your timing. Let my heart sync with yours and be fully satisfied in your will. May my dreams, and yours in me, delight us both. Amen.

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