Moved By Opportunity - The One Year Salt and Light Devotional

Moved by Opportunity

Romans 1:10-15

I planned many times to visit you, but I was prevented until now. (Romans 1:13)

WE KNOW GOD CAN OPEN doors no one can shut and shut doors no one can open. We also know he sometimes calls his people to move forward even when doors appear closed (like at the edge of the Red Sea). Somewhere between those two facts, we try to serve him by negotiating the open doors he puts in front of us—discerning which ones to pass through and which ones to pass by. We live by measuring our opportunities.

If we’re discerning, our passions, gifts, and personalities can move us in the right direction. But only God is sovereign over the open doors in our lives. Many of us lament the lack of opportunity we have at the moment, forgetting that God hemmed in Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, David, and many, many more until their season of opportunity came. We strive for better positioning, forgetting that he is the master of putting his people in the right place at the right time. When Joseph appeared to be furthest from his dreams, forgotten in a dark prison, God elevated him to Egypt’s second highest position. God is never limited by our current position or the closed doors in front of us. He is the master orchestrator for those who look to him in faith to orchestrate their lives.

Trust the timing of opening and closing doors. When opportunities seem lacking, focus on preparation—honing your gifts, strengthening your character, and refining your passions. God has arranged the seasons of your life not in a hierarchy of importance—all of them are significant for where he is taking you—but in a sequence of maximum fruitfulness. Be content in times of wilderness and wandering; learn to lean on your God and develop faithfulness. Notice the patterns of his preparation, and cooperate with them. When the time has come, all the right doors, large and small, will open.

{Father, give me the wisdom to know when to push through closed doors, when to pass by open ones, and when to trust your timing with those I’m unsure about. I believe you will get me where I need to go, with lots of grace for missteps and correction. Place your opportunities before me, and give me eyes to see them well. Amen.

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