Loving Mean People - The One Year Mother-Daughter Devo

Loving Mean People

Bible Blast: Read Matthew 5:43-48

I say, love your enemies! Pray for those who persecute you!

Matthew 5:44

She couldn’t believe it. Sadie’s teacher changed the seating chart in class, and she had to sit beside a mean person—again. The last two times Mrs. Johnston changed their seats, Sadie had to sit with Fiona. Fiona was mean, and she talked all the time. Mrs. Johnston would hear talking coming from their desks and yell at both of them, even though Fiona was always the one talking. And now Sadie was assigned to sit with Daniel. He called people names and got into fights all the time.

When Sadie told her dad about the new seating arrangement, he was sad for her. “I’m sorry, Sadie. I know you’re disappointed, but did you ever think about why Mrs. Johnston might be seating you with the difficult kids?”

“Because she wants me to learn to be friends with them?” Sadie said.

“I wonder if it’s something more than that. When we have your parent-teacher conferences, Mrs. Johnston always remarks about how kind you are, how you notice when kids are sad and try to cheer them up. Do you think maybe your teacher thinks you can be a positive influence on kids like Fiona and Daniel? Like maybe you’ll show love to those kids?”

“But how do I show love to someone like Daniel? I don’t want other kids to think I have a crush on him or anything.”

Her dad chuckled. “Right. Why don’t you just say hi to him in the mornings? Also, pray for a chance to talk to him about why he’s so angry. He may have something going on at home that causes him to feel mad a lot of the time.”

“That’s true,” Sadie agreed. “I’ll give it a shot.”

Our focus verse says we’re supposed to love those who persecute us or treat us unfairly. Those people might live in the home next to you, or they might be the people who sit next to you on a bus or in school. How can you love those people?

Girl Gab: Mom, tell your daughter about some of the “Fionas” and “Daniels” from when you were a kid. Be honest and tell her how you dealt with those difficult kids. Pray with her about some of the kids in her life that are hard to love.

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