Do Something - The One Year Mini for Leaders

Do Something

In the beginning God created. Genesis 1:1

The first sentence of the Bible introduces us to one of God’s notable characteristics. In the beginning, God did something.

He didn’t think, study, see, feel, or plan. He created.

He didn’t wait for the heavens and the earth to fall into place. He didn’t assume they would feel empowered to create themselves. He didn’t delegate the task to his assistant. The text is very clear—God created.

God took action and did things on his timeline in the way he wanted them done.

Sometimes you and I need to step up to the plate and swing the bat. There’s a time for waiting and a time for doing. In our desire to strike a balance, we often fail to act in a timely manner. We wait for one more opinion or one last focus group when we know that we should move, now!

Perhaps you’re facing something today that just needs to be tackled. Look to Genesis 1:1 for encouragement.

When the time was right, God stepped through the front door of time and did something.

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