Hearing His Voice #20 - The One Year Hearing His Voice Devotional

Hearing His Voice #20

Today when you hear [the Spirit’s] voice, don’t harden your hearts.

Hebrews 3:7-8

Jim had survived epic battles with his past addictions, and he had lived the last few years in relative freedom. Well, mostly. There were occasional, low-level lapses, but nothing like before. He was on a steady path toward victory.

But when he found himself in a tempting situation—traveling alone, far enough from home that no one would ever know—the old triggers were almost irresistible. The voice in his heart told him to step back, but he didn’t listen. That voice seemed like nothing more than an overworked conscience, and it was easy enough to tell it to be quiet. “I’m okay. It won’t spiral out of control like it used to. This time it will be different.” But the next morning, Jim was overwhelmed with guilt, feeling as if he were being sucked back into old habits, and wishing he had listened to the voice of caution the night before.

The writer of Hebrews urges his readers not to harden their hearts to God’s voice. He writes about faith in Jesus and the salvation He offers, but the dynamic of hardening our hearts when God speaks applies to much more than our big-picture calling. God is constantly calling us toward a Promised Land, the place of fruitfulness and fulfillment that He intends for our lives; yet, we find it easy to ignore Him at critical moments when He warns us of danger. We think we’re in control of ourselves, able to navigate the minefield of habits, relational patterns, and emotional and behavioral triggers that “used to” trip us up. We suppress the voice of caution, not realizing that it belongs to the God of the universe, who loves us and is looking out for us.

What’s the solution? Listen. Live with a soft heart, avoiding any hint of rebellion. Understand that God always urges us toward wholeness. His voice is telling us the truth.

Lord, why is it so easy to push Your voice to the back of my mind when I want to? It seems almost accidental, but it’s really negligence or even rebellion. Soften my heart and make me sensitive to everything You say.

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